Our Unique Blend of the Contemporary & the Traditional

VIRTUAL EDITIONS: The Notion of the Never-Ending Story

Creative Storytellers takes the concept of eReading and learning into a very dynamic realm with our collection of visually-stimulating, comprehensive VIRTUAL EDITIONS available through standard web browsers. Our VIRTUAL EDITIONS are electronic versions of our full-length, unabridged books that keep “expanding” with new and enhanced content as time goes by. They differ from traditional printed books in that they embrace the notion of the “never-ending story” allowing for pertinent information, new findings, feedback, and discourse to be continually added rendering each VIRTUAL EDITION more and more substantive as time goes by.

Our VIRTUAL EDITIONS don’t just contain narrative; they also offer a wealth of related, interactive material such as enhanced image libraries; high-quality video and archival film footage; podcasts and other audio files; resources for learning; commentary and debate; face-to-face interviews; and much more. And subscribers can download PDF versions of individual chapters or the entire book for iPads® and similar eReading devices.

BOOKS IN PRINT: Limited-Issue, Collector’s Editions

While the future of traditional book publishing seems somewhat uncertain, we (like most people) still believe there’s nothing quite like the tactile richness of the printed page. The sheer delight in holding a beautifully-crafted book in one’s hand is almost impossible to replace. And so, although we are deeply committed to contemporary digital media, we continue to offer beautifully-presented, limited-issue collector’s editions of specialized books, each individually signed and numbered by the author. Creative Storytellers has received great acclaim for its book design and production, and we work with some of the world’s finest printers and binders.

We are also very proud of the authors with whom we work. They are people with vision, and who have a passion for their subject matter. Some are novelists, some are biographers, some write children’s books, some are photographers or artists, some write about travel, and some focus on social or historical issues. We welcome writers of all persuasions and treat them as members of our extended family. We maximize their potential and ours with a dedication to excellence in all we do, from concept to completion.

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