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Creative Storytellers is the commercial design, graphics, and publishing division of Pegasus Media Solutions, B.V., a Limited Liability Company wholly owned by Stichting Endangered Child (The Endangered Child Foundation) in The Netherlands. The Endangered Child Foundation provides realistic and practical solutions for the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless and otherwise endangered children, and to help coalesce the efforts of all those who advocate for disavowed children everywhere.

The net profits from all Creative Storytellers’ design and publishing projects are dedicated to the Foundation’s work with forsaken and disavowed children. Your purchase therefore of any of our books, digital products, travel programs, or other media means that you too are playing a significant part in giving forsaken children the chance to realize a normal life, and the opportunities they so richly deserve. To learn more about our work with endangered kids, please visit www.EndangeredChild.foundation.

Our Featured Books

Van Gogh's Untold Journey by William J. Havlicek

Van Gogh’s Untold Journey

Revelations of Faith, Family,
& Artistic Inspiration

By William J.Havlicek, Ph.D.

Based largely on Vincent van Gogh’s astonishing letters of which over 900 exist, this important work—the result of over 15 years of research—provides new insight into the artist’s true character nurtured from his abiding faith, the influence of family, and the tender solicitude he felt for mankind. William J. Havlicek’s book holds some compelling revelations, among them the role played by Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, his sister-in-law, without whom little of the inimitable Vincent would ever have been known; and the artist’s vicarious relationship with Charles Dickens.

“Dr. Havlicek offers an intimate perspective on the life of Van Gogh through an examination of Vincent’s personal letters to his family. I enjoyed learning about Vincent’s faith, his struggles in relationships with others and with God, and how he translated life’s issues into his artwork. The book itself is gorgeous, full of large color plates that accompany the text. Holding this book in your hands feels like holding something of top quality. Open the book to any passage, and the sense of quality is reinforced through the content. Dr. Havlicek writes with passion, intelligence, and clarity, creating a book with provocative insights, interesting connections, and lessons about the preciousness of life. It will inspire you!” ~ Amazon Reviewer Tiburon SC

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JOHANNA: The Other Van Gogh

The Remarkable Woman
Who Changed the History of Art

Following the success of the highly acclaimed book Van Gogh’s Untold Journey, William Havlicek and David Glen now tell the remarkable story of Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, his sister-in-law, without whom little of the inimitable Vincent would ever have been known.  This well-researched work—never before told with any adequacy—also gives Theo, Vincent’s devoted brother, suitable recognition for the significant part he played in ensuring the legacy of Vincent van Gogh’s genius.

After the deaths of Vincent van Gogh and his brother Theo, Johanna (Theo’s wife) undertook the awesome task of preserving a legacy virtually unmatched in the history of art, for she became keeper and advocate of Vincent’s immense collection of paintings, sketches, and illustrations, and to chronicle over 520 hand-written letters (eventually more than 900 would come to light). Without the foresight and determination of this remarkable woman, we would never have come to know the uncommon genius that was Vincent van Gogh.

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Letters to Liz

Memories of a Farmer’s Wife
in War-Torn England

By Peggy Pickford

The Liz of Letters to Liz is a young Englishwoman who emigrated to Australia with her new husband not long before the outbreak of the Second World War. Left behind was her sister Peggy, living in the depths of the countryside with her husband Austin and young family of boys, her mother, and her brother Nick who was at the time serving in the Merchant Navy.

This story is an account of the war years from Peggy’s point of view: the nightly horror of air raids nearby; the restrictions on daily life; and the constant worry over friends and relatives in the “danger zone”. By contrast, anecdotes from Austin’s involvement in the Home Guard provide some humorous relief, and Peggy’s descriptions of domestic scenes are told with much warmth.

Excerpts from “Ma’s” letters provide a further dimension to Peggy’s story. A strong and fearless woman, Ma longs to help the war effort but, to her great annoyance, she is often thwarted in this desire by her age. However, and much to her delight, she is able to sail away in the middle of the war to Jamaica, serving en route as a stewardess.

It is interesting to compare the different outlooks of Peggy and her mother as shown in their letters. The story finishes with a surprise decision by Peggy and her husband to emigrate, in 1946, to a farm in Kenya.

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Beneath an African Sky by Catherine Keese

Beneath an African Sky

Memories of a Family in British Colonial Kenya

By Catherine Keese

When Catherine Keese first set out to write this book, she was full of trepidation. “How,” she asked, “would I ever be able to remember all the happenings of our lives back then, and more importantly the nuance of it all? Could I accurately portray the magnificent, equatorial landscape we called home, or the vastness of the African sky? Could I relate what life was like under the forbearance of Africa’s natural order where man, beast, and the elements lent constant danger and exhilaration to every hour of every day? Would I be able to adequately explain the fragility of our political posture and prospects? And could I do justice to the colorful characters who shared with us the anxieties and rewards of life in a British colony?  I think I was horrified that I might end up with a book that defined mundaneness—like Lionel Hardcastle’s proverbial My Life in Kenya in the TV series ‘As Time Goes By’.”

In this fascinating book, told with great candor and humor, she adds:  “. . . for better or worse, I offer the story of our family in Kenya, and the fascinating, pivotal times in which we lived. While told from my personal perspective, it is the record of a Scottish family’s evolution from its working-class roots in Glasgow, through emigration, war, jubilation, illness, defiance, loss, and redemption. It is also the tale of life on a Kenya farm with all its trials and tribulations. Yet what remains for me is a picture of sun-drenched exuberance under that vast African sky—a Van Gogh painting whose bold, profuse brushstrokes and vibrant colors are the distillation of times gone by and all that happened to us. It’s a happy canvas that I gaze at a lot.”

“This is a truly excellent book, well written, and beautifully printed. The author has shown that most ordinary people have an interesting story to tell, and she describes with humor and candor her years living in Kenya, and all that entailed, through good times and bad. This book had me laughing and also crying but it is a great example of how people can overcome great adversity with a positive and never-say-die spirit.”

~ F. Vanderheyden

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Van Gogh and Nuenen
(Van Gogh and Nuenen)

Translated into both English and Dutch

By Ton de Brouwer

Whoever thinks about Nuenen and Vincent van Gogh must inevitably think of Ton de Brouwer whose extensive knowledge of the artist’s life, especially of the period when Vincent lived and worked in Nuenen (1883-1885), is virtually unmatched.

Vincent van Gogh will undoubtedly continue to enjoy worldwide interest for many years to come. That has not always been the case for he received little recognition during his lifetime for his talent as a draftsman, painter and writer. But Ton de Brouwer has for years—at times resisting the establishment—campaigned to give Van Gogh’s productive time in Nuenen the place it deserves.

This new and third edition of Van Gogh and Nuenen is a wonderful book for all those interested in the remarkable Vincent van Gogh. It is an excellent book for connoisseurs, written by a passionate connoisseur.

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The Blue Rabbit & Other Dog Affairs

The Blue Rabbit
& Other Dog Affairs

By Michael L. Jacques

“Michael L. Jacques is one of those singular people whose very persona packs immense delight into the most common of experiences. And his art delivers the same experience along with a helping of vibrant color that in itself makes one smile. In The Blue Rabbit, this seems to be one of the many lessons that Michael is teaching us through the agency of his gifted brush: brilliant color orchestration, dramatic perspective, and a light-saturated palette. Yet he goes much further. Michael has taken the time to include small gems for those studying art with revealing thoughts on philosophy and aesthetics, illustrations of how he constructed a painting from concept to completion, and examples of initial studies alongside completed works. And he imbues his prose with the candor and humor for which he is known and loved! This book—like Michael’s persona itself—is straight from the heart!”  ~ William J. Havlicek, Ph.D.

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