Graphic Design + Publishing Solutions from Concept to Completion

Ghostwriting, Copy Editing + Technical Writing

Creative Storytellers offers the services of its qualified ghostwriters as well as comprehensive copy-editing and proofreading services. We cater to a wide range of requirements and applications: corporate print collateral such as catalogs and brochures; technical manuals for manufacturers; and self-publishing authors. We provide a secure, online editing area, which enables you and your staff to liaise with us and review your project from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Book + Print Media Design

Creative Storytellers has received great acclaim for its print media design and graphics. Our services include personal consultation on your project from concept to completion including editing, cover design, page layout, and press-ready graphics. And we format your documents or books for electronic delivery in a variety of configurations: some as plain text eBooks suitable for most eReaders; others are configured in full color for iBooks® or as dynamic PDFs® with interactive elements such as embedded audio and video.

Short or Long-Run Litho Printing

There’s a lot to understand about the prepress, printing, and binding process that can’t be learned in a short space of time. We have years of experience in this arena, and can place your book with the best printer for your specific project. We will then liaise with the printer on your behalf on all matters relating to prepress, production, and shipment of your finished book to you. And when it comes to self-publishing, authors will face the daunting task of having to find a reputable company to print and bind their book, and at a decent price. We can not only help in this regard; we can also help with getting your book distributed to your customer base, and provide full online payment and accounting services for your products.

Specialized Packaging for a Wide Range of Products

Pegasus Media provides an efficient and economical direct mail and fulfillment service to package and mail or distribute our clients’ products to their customers worldwide. We offer ColomPac® state-of-the-art, impact-resistant packaging, and will even design specialized packaging for your products. Our customers include: small and medium book publishing houses; self-publishing authors; software developers and producers; medical and electronic device or instrument manufacturers; pharmaceutical and supplement suppliers; manufacturers of specialised spare parts; wholesale clothing distributors; and gourmet food suppliers.

Comprehensive Translation Services by Real People

Creative Storytellers provides comprehensive translation of books, documents, and digital media in a wide variety of languages both into and from English. Our translation services use real people and not mechanical translation systems. Our translators are well-educated people fluent in their mother tongue, and are skilled at maintaining not only the integrity of a document’s content but also its style. Foreign-language markets are an enormous resource for businesses, especially for authors and publishers, particularly those in Europe, the extensive Spanish-speaking market, Russia, and the emerging markets of East and Central Asia.

Elegant & Effective, Mobile-Ready Website Design

Creative Storytellers specializes in the design and development of effective websites for personal or business use, and of complete Content Management Systems and databases for enterprise. We also offer full-time dedicated technical support for such online entities, and full administration of hosting and e-mail services on virtual dedicated and cloud servers. We are renowned for our clean, elegant interface designs that address the primary requirements of websites today: fast, mobile-ready, easy-to-navigate, informative, and sophisticated. Our skills include the development of eCommerce shopping carts, gateway payment systems, and on-the-go payment capture for event product sales.