Van Gogh and Nuenen

Ton de Brouwer

First Edition in English

Ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.


Whoever thinks about Nuenen and Vincent van Gogh must inevitably think of Ton de Brouwer whose extensive knowledge of the artist’s life, especially of the period when Vincent lived and worked in Nuenen (1883-1885), is virtually unmatched.

Author Ton de Brouwer

Author Ton de Brouwer

Vincent van Gogh will undoubtedly continue to enjoy worldwide interest for many years to come. That has not always been the case for he received little recognition during his lifetime for his talent as a draftsman, painter and writer. But Ton de Brouwer has for years—at times resisting the establishment—campaigned to give Van Gogh’s productive time in Nuenen the place it deserves. He was eventually to receive much support for his efforts, but it was not always so.

In 1976, Ton brought to life the Van Gogh Documentation Centre in the old Carriage House at Nuenen’s Town Hall. The documentation he provided gave an overview of Brabant, and in particular Vincent’s life in Nuenen. Many visited the documentation centre in those years, and the Van Gogh family was behind the initiatives that led to a cordial relationship with Ton and Nuenen.

Other opportunities were seized, the highlights of which were “Van Gogh 1984” and the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Vincent van Gogh in 1990 with exhibitions and events dominated by the famous painter’s work.

Ton was the initiator of the Vincentre, and was until recently Chairman of the foundation’s board. The official opening on September 17, 2010 of this new documentation center and museum in an historic building in Nuenen by the Commissioner of the King and the Van Gogh family was the culmination of Ton de Brouwer’s legacy. Nearly 100,000 visitors from home and abroad have so far found their way ito the Vincentre, with about 150 volunteers to ensure that they enjoy a special day with guided tours inside the museum as well as walks in and around Nuenen visiting the very places that appear in Vincent’s drawings and paintings.

In the 55 years that Ton de Brouwer has devoted his passion for the life and work of Vincent van Gogh, he has also serve the community by writing books and many articles.

The Second Edition of Van Gogh and Nuenen has been sold out for some time, but it was Ton de Brouwer’s great desire to offer a fully updated reprint in both Dutch and English. Publisher David Glen of “Creative Storytellers” has made that possible with this Third Edition.

Ton de Brouwer writes about Vincent van Gogh and Nuenen as it really was, in a clear and sober writing style. He is averse to fiction and speculation about Vincent’s life.

This new edition of Van Gogh and Nuenen is a wonderful book for all those interested in the remarkable Vincent van Gogh. It is an excellent book for connoisseurs, written by a passionate connoisseur.

Written in friendship,

Mr. Willem Ligtvoet
Former Mayor of Nuenen, Gerwen
and Nederwetten (2001-2012)



Full-Color, First Edition available
in either English or Dutch

Softcover with French Flaps
Approx. 170 x 246 mm
With over 50 illustrations

ISBN 978-0-9861363-2-9

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